"From the cuteness overload, to the dice placement mechanism, to the chaos of the unpredictable aliens, to the battling for control of the awards, there’s a lot to enjoy about Alien Petshop. I definitely have enjoyed my plays of this.”


Lighten Up Initiative

"Good tight engine-builder where early choices pay off in interesting and satisfying ways. Works just as well as a dueling game as it does with a full 4 players and there's lots of room to really work some intricate math into your strategy while also being accessible and easy to learn. Have probably played a few hundred times and still not bored"


BGG member

"I just wanted to say something, thank you! I really really enjoyed playing alien Pet Shop! It's an amazing game! Cute, easy and not that long! It was a great experience! I'm sure that I'm going to be playing this with my family and friends a lot more, thank you!"